Lubusz Voivodeship Preliminaries
Sączkowo Special Fishery

Competition schedule:
Date: August 31 – September 3, 2023
Thursday, August 31:
7 am – 8 am registration of teams with the judge at the judge’s station
8.30 am draw of posts
9 am disperse around the posts
7 am – 9 am at the judge’s station there will be a hot meal, coffee or tea. In addition, there will be
a bonfire / grill with sausages
10 am the competition starts, teams can start groundbaiting, baiting and hauling sets
Sunday, September 3:
10 am the competition ends
11 am – 12 am warm refreshments for competition participants + coffee or tea
12 am announcement of the results and prize awarding
About the fishery:
Area – 21 hectares
Maximum depth – 8 meters
Average depth – 4 meters
The largest carp – 28,600 kg
Average weight of fish – 10 kg
The largest amur – 18 kg
Number of amur – many
Sanitary facilities: toilets
Electricity – there is access to electricity in designated places
Access to the posts – good
It is allowed to haul sets using models and pontoons
Special Fishery Sączkowo has existed since 1997. It was formed by man, probably gravel was
mined there. The bottom of this reservoir is hard, sandy. The banks are partially overgrown with
reeds and other waterside vegetation. There is good access to all sites by car and practically
everywhere you can put a camping trailer.
Additional amendments to the regulations and requirements of the fishery owner:
Fishery’s official profiles: